Monday, April 9, 2007

Preschool Workbook Review: Preschool Scholar

The “Preschool Scholar,” workbook is another one of the many preschool workbooks that we own and it is one that you may want to think about buying. This workbook is published by the School Zone Publishing Company.

Perhaps, what I like best about the “Preschool Scholar,” workbook is that is focuses on farms and farm animals. That is what makes the workbook fun and exciting for many children, including both boys and girls. It is also important to mention that the workbook is very colorful and attractive.

The “Preschool Scholar,” workbook is 64 pages long and four of those pages are for you and they outline fun activities that you and your child can do at home. The rest of the preschool workbook is filled fun activities that include the tracing of shapes, the learning of colors, counting, same or different, big or small, matching, phonics, and so forth.

The “Preschool Scholar,” workbook tends to retail for around $3 to $6.

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