Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Television: Educational Programming for Kids

Although some parents do not allow their children to watch television, there are many, like me, who do. Of course, television is good in small amounts. Personally, I also try and make sure that the programs that my daughter watches are educational in nature. If the television is on during the day at our house, it is almost always on the Noggin channel.

Personally, I love the Noggin channel, as it has a lot of good educational programs. Just a few of the programs that we occasionally tune into include Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Lazy Town, Little Bear, and Franklin. Also, before every show on Noggin, a little message comes up that tells you exactly what your kids will learn or gain from watching the show.

Dora the Explorer is a real hit in our house and I really like it because my daughter is learning a little bit of Spanish. I actually had to start teaching myself Spanish, as I learned French in school. I couldn’t understand what my daughter was saying to me. Once I get a little bit better with it, I plan on teaching her some more Spanish.

It is programs like Dora the Explorer that I think make watching television acceptable for children, as well as educational.

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