Friday, March 30, 2007

Flash Cards

First we will start out with something simple. I would recommend getting a couple of sets of flash cards for your child. My favorite kinds are the Crayola kind and the Fisher Price kind, which can be purchased from most dollar stores or even Wal-Mart.

What you will want to do with the flash cards is work on them with your child. We actually started using flash cards when my daughter was two and she is like a pro with them now. We kept on having to buy new ones because she wasn’t being challenged enough. Once you spend a few weeks doing the flash cards with your child, by helping them learn what everything is, you can start quizzing them based on what they know.

My daughter is funny sometimes because she will pretend to be the “teacher.” Sometimes she will hold up a flash card and go “What is this Mommy? What color is the frog?” Very cute.

Flash cards have worked wonders for us. They were actually what made me decide to help educate my daughter more at home, as she loved them and I was actually surprised with how much she learned from them.

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