Friday, March 30, 2007

Flash Cards + Rewards = A Happy Learner

Yesterday, I mentioned how flash cards are a good start, when looking to start educating your child from home. The flash cards themselves are pretty new and exciting, but as time wears on, you may need to come up with some ideas to keep your child interested in learning with them. For this, I recommend stickers.

What we do is buy those little sticker books, the ones that tend to have like 500 or so stickers in them. Some of the stickers are really small, but there are also some larger sized stickers in the books. What is nice about these types of stickers is that they are available in many dollar stores. I can always find a large selection of sticker books at my local Dollar Tree.

We would start out by taking a piece of construction paper. My daughter would choose the color that she wanted and I would write her name at the top of the page. Every time that my daughter would get a flash card right, she would get a sticker. She would then place her sticker on her paper.

A little bit more than a year later, my daughter still loves learning with her flash cards, especially if she gets her stickers!

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