Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Preschool Craft Project for Christmas: Handprint Footprint Reindeer

This craft project is not only affordable, but very easy to make. There are also many options. We took the simplest approach.

Lol, your project is supposed to look like a reindeer. My daughter calls ours the red moose.

Supplies Needed:

2 Sheets of Construction Paper (Different Colors)
Glue Stick
Markers or Crayons
Craft Eyes (Optional)


1 – Trace both of your child’s handprints on a sheet of colored construction paper. You can use any color (we chose brown).

2 – Trace the outline of your child’s foot on the other sheet of colored construction paper (we used red).

3 - Cut the outlines. If your child is good with cutting, they can cut along the outline of their feet. The hands are hard due to the fingers, so you may want to do this yourself.

4 – Position them to look like a reindeer. The footprint goes on the bottom and the hands are the antlers.

5 – Remove the foot cutout and have your child glue the bottom of the hands. Put the foot cutout back on and press down, so that the glue sticks.

6 – Have your child glue craft eyes to the reindeer. If you don’t have these, just let them draw eyes.

7 – Draw the rest of the face. If your child wants to make Rudolph, a red craft pom pom works great as a nose.

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