Monday, December 15, 2008

The Opinionated Parent Doodlestix Giveaway: Check It Out!

So lately I have been entering a lot of contests online. It is a lot of fun. I only wish I got started sooner because if I won, some of these items would have made great Christmas gifts.

Anyways, today I came across a giveaway that I think fits readers of this blog. The giveaway is hosted on The Opinionated Parent website (check it out it is a great website). Right now, they are giving away a 12 month subscription to Doodlestix.

What is Doodlestix you ask? It is a twice a month letter service. Your child gets a message from a fictional pen pal. Your child always receives a positive message and you can even have it personalized to include information about your child.

The Opinionated Parent is hosting the contest until MST on December 17, 2008. Be sure to read the rules and restrictions, as there are some. Even if you don’t win or enter too late, I still recommend checking out this subscription service. I know I will. My daughter is so excited when her Highlight’s magazine arrives in the mail. I bet she would love something like this.

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Amy said...

Cute ideas. Love 'em! Enjoyed visiting. I really love the idea of encouraging parents to be preparing their children for school!