Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Preparing Your Child for Preschool: We Love the LeapFrog Learning DVDs

I really have to say that I LOVE the LeapFrog Learning DVDs. If you do not own at least one of these DVDs, you may want to take the time to examine them.

Last year for Christmas, I purchased the 4 pack set that they have. The DVDs included were the “Letter Factory,” “Talking Words Factory” “Code Word Caper,” and “Math Circus.”

Almost right away, we started using the “Letter Factory,” DVD. My daughter already knew what each of her letters were, but I wasn’t “fun enough,” when teaching her the sounds that they make. Literally, after two viewings, she new what sounds the letters made.

Next, we moved on to the “Talking Words Factory.” Since then, these DVDs were just collecting dust, until I decided to put in the “Math Circus,” DVD today. My daughter already knows all of her numbers, but this DVD is great. They touch on addition, subtraction, and much more. It was so cute watching my soon-to-be four year old go around the house saying “I am a subtractor!” Lol, it is because she learned about subtraction. Too cute!

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