Sunday, May 6, 2007

Preparing Your Child for Preschool – Ink Stamps

I am so excited, lol I need to get out more. So I stop at my favorite store today (lol, where else but the Dollar Tree) and look at what I found. This neat little stamp set.

Okay, they are really cheap and sort of flimsy, but you can’t expect much with something that only costs a dollar. I have never really looked into ink stamps, as they are usually expensive. What I am going to do is use these in place of stickers for a while on my daughter’s preschool worksheets.
I think that I covered this before too, but if you work on your child with just about anything, whether it be preschool worksheets, flash cards, and so forth, you may want to think about rewarding your child, even if it is just with something like a small stamp or a sticker. I find that it keeps my daughter more interested in learning.

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