Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Moved!

It has been forever since I updated this blog. My daughter is now in 1st grade, but I love the preschool/kindergarten age and we still do a lot of fun projects that are great for this age group. Therefore I am going to continue to update my blog even as my daughter gets older.

The main reason why I have been missing is due to the fact that we bought a house! We rented our apartment for seven years (such a long time), but we are now homeowners!

We live on a great street in the village. We have a nice backyard with a little hill on it so Sarah is excited and is already planning her sledding birthday party in January.

The house we bought was built in 1880 and it is a VERY beautiful house, but it needed a lot of work. We are still right in the middle of remodeling and we are doing it all ourselves with the help of friends and family! Over half the house has been gutted and put back together and the rest will soon be done.

Our started to blog about our DIY home improvement project if anyone would like to check it out.

In our bedrooms, we are pretty much lacking permanent flooring (we have old wood floors that could possibly be sanded, finished, and restored), and trim around the windows and doors. With that said, I am kind of excited about Sarah’s room. I’ll post a picture below.

She was able to decide where she wanted everything to go and she picked out the paint colors herself!

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