Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cool Preschool Themed TV Shows Reviewed: Handy Manny

Of all the neat shows designed for preschoolers, Handy Manny is one of my favorites and it is my daughter’s favorite as well. Why? Because her dad is a construction worker. It was one of the reasons she was attracted to Bob the Builder too. However, I must say that Handy Manny is hundred times better.

In each show, Handy Manny and his tools help the residents of Sheetrock Hills (friends or family) repair something. However, a number of lessons are learned. Best of all, Handy Manny is bilingual, meaning children start to learn a few Spanish basics.

Our favorite episode is actually a Handy Manny Movie I believe; Handy Manny’s Motorcycle Adventure.

Here are some fun resources for you and your children:

Handy Manny Computer Games

Handy Manny Printable Coloring Pages

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