Friday, March 12, 2010

Easy Craft Project: Foam Door Handles

I love foam craft kits; they are so cool!  They are also pretty cheap.  I bought these foam door hangers in a kit from the Dollar Tree.  The only cost was the door hangers; we decorated them with items we already had in the house!

Things You Will Need:

Foam Door Hangers
Other Embellishments (Foam Shapes and So Forth)


Step #1:  Gluing a bunch of embellishments on foam door hangers can get kind of messy when small children are involved, so first start out with putting newspapers down on the table.

Step #2:  Give each person (child and yourself) a door hanger.

Step #3:  If anyone wants to write their name, now is the best time to do it before the door hanger has a bunch of stickers and shapes glued on.

Step #4:  Start gluing shape cutouts and pom poms or add your stickers now.

Step #5:  It is best to let the glue dry before you try and hang this on the door or else all your glued embellishments may slide (haha speaking from experience)!

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