Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Preparing Your Child for Preschool: Valentine’s Day Preschool Craft Project – Heart Wreath Directions

Supplies You Will Need:

Construction Paper (Red, Pink, and White Are Recommended)
Pen or Pencil
Paper Plate
Glue Stick


You will want to start by cutting out the inside of a paper plate, leaving the outside outer rim. This will serve as a great guide for your child when making their Valentine’s Day preschool craft project.

Cut out hearts on red, pink, and white construction paper. You may want to draw the hearts first. In fact, have your child draw some as well.

Let your child glue the hearts onto the outer rim of the paper plate. When doing so, encourage them to glue only the bottom part of the hearts, otherwise this preschool craft project can get pretty messy.

As an added tip: Try to lay down newspapers or paper towels underneath the wreath. This can help to catch the overflow of glue.

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