Thursday, August 2, 2007

Saving Money with Preschool Worksheets

In the previous post, I outlined ways that you can save money when using printable preschool worksheets to prepare your child for preschool from home or to homeschool preschool them. In addition to just printable preschool worksheets, there are steps that you can take to also save money with preschool workbook pages.

What you may want to look into doing is buying a collection of photo protector sheets. These sheets can be purchased from most department stores and office supply stores. These photo protector sheets come in a number of different sizes. You will notice that those designed for 8 X 10 pictures will also hold standard computer paper or preschool workbook pages.

What you can do is place each of your child’s preschool worksheets in a photo protector sheet. You can then keep each sheet loose or place them in a binder. You will then want to give your child a dry erase marker to use. This dry erase marker will make it so that you can simply wipe off each preschool worksheet after it has been completed. This makes it so you can not only save money on preschool worksheets, but it also prolongs the life of each worksheet.

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