Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Go Diego Go and Dora the Explorer

Yesterday, I mentioned a few of the educational shows that my daughter watches. Two of those shows were Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go. If you haven’t caught these two shows before, you may want to give them a quick look.

Dora the Explorer, as well as Go Diego Go, both help children with their problem solving skills. Diego, from the Go Diego Go show, is often trying to help an animal that needs rescuing in the rainforest. Dora the Explorer and her friends also try and solve problems; problems that include getting books back to the library on time and so forth.

What is nice about these programs is that they are both extremely interactive. For instance, when Dora needs to get something, like a book, out of her backpack, she will call out and ask your child to help. In addition to also calling for backpack, they can help Dora find the item that she was looking for in her backpack. Both Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go have a small break between all questions asked to give your child the opportunity to answer.

While the majority of the shows are in English, Dora and Diego also help to teach your child a little bit of Spanish. This Spanish often includes the Spanish words for numbers, family members, animals, and other important words, such as please and thank you. Your child will also be able to practice learning their numbers, colors, animals, and much more in English.

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